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Join our Central Technology Team to make a real impact every day. We say that because we know that every code line we write, every interface we design and every conversation we have, is another opportunity for us to enrich our customers’ experiences.

Our Security Engineers (CTR) are the front line for the security of our platforms and applications. The role prepares for, and responds to, security events and incidents across our systems.


Some of the other responsibilities include:

  • Preserve the confidentiality, integrity and availability of our information so that it can be safely shared and used to drive our growth and innovation – enabling information confidence
  • Mitigate the business loss arising from security issues by understanding security risk, monitoring for threats and responding to events appropriately within agreed hours
  • Integration with our other security functions to ensure that attack patterns are catered for in defense.
  • Improving Signal Noise Ratio, Developing Incident Response Workflows that can be automated.
  • Perform security monitoring gap analysis using MITRE ATT&CK framework and build corresponding process/framework for continuous evaluation as well as increase detection coverage.
  • Work collaboratively as part of the Cyber Threat Response team during incident response, event monitoring, and threat-hunting activities.
  • Threat intelligence analysis, response and summary
  • Cyber threat analysis support, research, and recommending appropriate remediation and mitigation.
  • Deep understanding of several of the following fields: Email security (including PDF and Document analysis), digital media forensics, monitoring and detection, incident response, vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, cyber intelligence analysis, and network analysis
  • Trending and correlation of monitored events to build new Indicators of Compromise (IOC), attack attribution, and helping establish countermeasures increasing cyber resiliency.
  • Identification of advanced cyber threat activities, Endpoint Detection Response, intrusion detection, incident response, malware analysis, and security content development (e. g., signatures, rules, etc. )
  • Being flexible to work through incidents as needed, and the ability to participate in an on-call rota as required.

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