Cyber Up North Podcast

CyberNorth’s podcast, news and views of the cyber security industry from in and around the North East.

Cyber Up North Podcast

Find out what’s going on in the region’s exciting and dynamic cyber security sector with our regular podcast, sometimes technical, sometimes around specific issues but always topical, entertaining and interesting.

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Episodes so far

Dec 9 2022 – Empower and getting girls into cyber

Jan 13 2023 – Password managers and LastPass

Jan 20 2023 – It’s a FinTech world

Feb 12 2023 – NCSC Sanction ransomware gang

Mar 1 2023 – Developing cyber skills

Mar 11 2023 – Held for ransom

Mar 24 2023 – Low code no code

Apr 8 2023 – Ring ring who’s at the door?

Apr 24 2023 – IoT, Sleeping with the enemy

May 3 2023 – It’s people stupid

May 18 2023 – Neurodivergence in the workplace

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