• Full Time
  • Morpeth
  • £12,313.60 GBP / Year
  • Salary: £12,313.60

Website Northumberland Council

As a Level 3 Cyber Security Technician apprentice within Digital & IT’s Cyber Security Team, you would be responsible for a variety of tasks related to maintaining and enhancing the organisation’s cybersecurity. Here are some day-to-day responsibilities you might encounter:

Conducting Specific Cyber Security Tasks:
You’ll follow defined procedures and standards to perform specific cybersecurity tasks including supporting and offering advice to colleagues on tasks like patching software, configuring firewalls, implementing access controls, and managing security events.
Ensuring that these tasks are carried out effectively and in alignment with cybersecurity best practices.

Implementing Cyber Security Mechanisms:
You’ll be involved in setting up and maintaining security controls. This could include installing and configuring security software, monitoring systems, and ensuring compliance with security policies.
Implementing measures to protect the organisation’s digital assets and sensitive information.

Engaging with Cyber Security Events:
When security incidents occur, you’ll play a role in responding to them. This might involve investigating incidents, analysing logs, and taking appropriate actions to mitigate risks.
Collaborating with other team members to address security breaches or vulnerabilities.

Supporting an Effective Security Culture:
Promoting cybersecurity awareness and best practices within the organisation.
Educating colleagues about security protocols, safe browsing habits, and data protection.
Maintaining records related to security incidents, compliance, and access rights.

Remember that as an apprentice, you’ll have opportunities to learn and grow in your role. Over time, you may also progress to more advanced tasks and responsibilities.

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