A call for help with research from University of Sunderland – get involved if you’re interested in AI security:

In May 2023, a person was sentenced to prison for exploiting the California Employment Development Department (EDD)’s automatic identification system to get $3.4 million in fraudulent unemployment claims (https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/research-on-the-cyber-security-of-ai/cyber-security-risks-to-artificial-intelligence).

Similarly an AI chatbot which was launched by a well-known tech company had to be taken down after one day of its release on Twitter. Reason? It became severely unhinged in its response which it had learnt from users who interacted with it.

With cyberattacks becoming increasingly sophisticated by the day, what’s really stopping cybercriminals launching similar targeted attacks and cause irreparable financial and reputation damage?

SAIVV is a ground-breaking web-based platform that allows organisations to thoroughly assess and fortify their AI applications before being released to the outside world. Funded by the UKRI CyberASAP startup accelerator programme, it uses Explainable AI (XAI) along with AI model validation techniques to empower organisations to:

  • Evaluate the security and privacy of their AI applications
  • Detect their AI applications for presence of vulnerabilities and prediction biases
  • Monitor the training data used for presence of any poisoned data

We would like to speak with you and understand your organisational AI security needs to understand how we can tailor SAIVV to your needs.

More specifically we’d love to have a 15 minute chat over the next couple of weeks to get your thoughts around:-

  • How AI is used in your business operations;
  • What your thoughts are around AI security and ethics;
  • How you think SAIVV can support your business operations.

If you are interested in talking to us, get started by please contacting either Dr. Umar Manzoor (Principal Investigator – umar.manzoor@sunderland.ac.uk) or myself Dr. Thomas Win (Co-Principal Investigator – thomas.thu_yein@sunderland.ac.uk).

Let’s work towards a future where secure and ethical AI is the norm and not an exception!