Please note, this is a page dedicated to the events and programmes put on by the Department of Business & Trade (DBT). None of these are CyberNorth affiliated events. We have shared them here to highlight international opportunities for our members as an FYI.

June is a huge month for DBT’s International programme. Providing a great opportunity to learn about these markets, listen to the latest policy insight, and help shape techUK’s future thinking on the UK’s relationship with these countries in regard to technology. DBT will also be partnering with Acclime and Scalerr to deliver a ‘How to Export to APAC’-style event. In July, they will be hosting an Indonesia focused event at the Indonesian Embassy as part of their APAC Working Group!

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APAC Expansion – De-risked and fast tracked; 11 June

Join Acclime and Scalerr in partnership with techUK as we explore the opportunities and best practice when scaling across the APAC region. We’ll be sharing the do’s and don’ts around international expansion and guiding you through how to have the right People, Processes and Playbook to make it a success. With insight on developing your Go To Market Strategy, securing your first 5 customers, when and where to set up shop, building your local teams, navigating local regulation, how to get your money in and out, and much more! APAC is BIG – so we will deep dive on Singapore and Australia to give you a roadmap of how to plan and execute your market entry across the region.

UK-Ukraine Tech Summit12 June

The Ukraine Tech Summit brings together Ukrainian and Global Tech leaders, investors, and governance on 12 June in the UK Parliament. The main goal is to catalyse the revitalisation of Ukraine’s tech sector, facilitate global expansion, and encourage international cooperation. Expect to hear insights, debates, investment opportunities, and time to network and make connections. Click the link if you would like to request to join.

UK-APAC Tech Forum | London Tech Week Event; 13 June

Join us on the 13 June 2024 for our first UK-APAC Tech Forum of the year. The event will take place during London Tech Week as a partner event. Focused on Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Taiwan, and the ASEAN countries, the Forum provides engagement opportunities with key stakeholders in government and business to , address barriers to digital market access and expand commercial networks in the region. The panels will include a Government-focused panel looking at the opportunities within different Asia-Pacfic countries, as well as s separate panel on how to ‘crack the APAC market’. The event will feature TSMC’s Former Director of R&D Professor Konrad Young. Sign up here.

UK-India Tech Forum14 June

Join us during London Tech Week our biannual UK-India Tech Forum. 2024 is a huge year for the UK-India bilateral, with elections taking place in both countries and an FTA being negotiated, there is plenty to be discussed. This Forum will delve into four main areas:

  • Elections in both countries and the future of the UK-India bilateral relationship.
  • Potential UK-India Free Trade Agreement (FTA) negotiations and business expectations.
  • Practical aspects of entering the Indian market for UK tech firms and vice versa.
  • Collaborative opportunities in emerging technologies like semiconductors, space tech, climate tech, and quantum computing. 

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UK-Japan Tech Forum26 June

The UK Japan Tech Forum, convened by JEITA and techUK, has provided a single voice for the tech sector in shaping this tech alliance and ensuring real world outcomes. A year on from the signing of the Hiroshima Accord, the Forum will involve engagement with industry on how they see the UK-Japan tech relationship developing. This will inform our UK-Japan Policy and Trade Whitepaper, which will be released later in the year. Additionally, as we look to Osaka 2025 with its focus on Japan’s global leadership in tech and innovation, we will examine how this can provide another milestone in UK-Japan Tech collaboration. We invite you to join us on this journey from Hiroshima to Osaka and discuss how we can build momentum towards a lasting and tangible tech partnership between the UK and Japan. The date has been changed from the 28th May to the 26 June. Sign up here.

APAC Working Group Event: Tech Opportunities in Indonesia; 2 July

Join us on July 2nd, 2024, from 9:30 AM to 11:15 AM. As part of techUK’s APAC Working Group we are excited to share insight, tips and tricks for UK tech businesses looking at exporting, expanding and growing their business in Indonesia. Organised in partnership with techUK, Acclime and the Indonesian embassy, this event serves as a gateway to understanding Indonesia’s tech ecosystem and tapping into its burgeoning digital economy. Whether you’re a seasoned industry player or a budding entrepreneur, UK Tech in Indonesia promises to provide valuable insights, facilitate networking, and give you a blueprint for launching into Indonesia.