In a competitive landscape where skilled workers are in high demand, investing in apprenticeship programmes has
become essential for many forward-thinking companies. Advantex, a leading technology solutions provider based in
Gateshead, has distinguished itself through its unwavering dedication to nurturing talent.

Founded in 2002, Advantex has been a cornerstone of innovation in the community for over two decades. Central to
its commitment to fostering local talent and bolstering Gateshead’s workforce is Advantex’s robust apprenticeship
programme, which has been running successfully since our inception and welcomed nearly 40 people.

The Foundation of Advantex’s Apprenticeship Programme:

Built on a foundation of fostering local talent and providing opportunities for individuals, Advantex’s apprenticeship
programme develops valuable skills in the technology sector. By offering apprenticeships, Advantex not only fulfils
its corporate social responsibility but also addresses the current lack of skilled professionals in the industry.

Investment in Local Talent:

Recognising the importance of investing in the future workforce, Advantex has taken on a significant number of
apprentices in recent years. This proactive approach not only addresses the skills gap prevalent in the technology
sector but also provides young individuals in Gateshead with opportunities for personal and professional
development. Advantex in turn, contributes to the economic prosperity of Gateshead and empowers individuals to
pursue rewarding careers which offer very diverse and interesting career paths.

Structured Training and Development:

Advantex’s apprenticeship programme delivers a structured training and development curriculum. From day one,
apprentices are immersed in a hands-on learning environment where they gain practical experience alongside
seasoned professionals complemented by more formal classroom-based sessions. The programme ensures that
apprentices receive accredited training in collaboration with recognised industry bodies and extends to incorporate
world-leading products such as Cisco and HPE. This approach guarantees that apprentices are well-equipped to
thrive in the fast-evolving technology landscape.

Future Plans for Apprentices:

Looking ahead, Advantex is committed to continuing its apprenticeship programme to accommodate more aspiring
individuals from Gateshead and beyond. Two more apprentices are due to join the programme by the end of the
month, taking the total number of apprentices in the last 12 months to over ten.

Furthermore, unlike some apprenticeship programmes that offer limited opportunities for advancement, Advantex is
committed to providing long-term career pathways. Upon completing the programme, apprentices are not merely
left to fend for themselves; instead, they are keen to offer permanent roles within the organisation where possible.

From there, their journey doesn’t end Advantex recognises that career growth is essential for employee satisfaction
and retention. As such, the company continues to invest in further training and development opportunities for all its
employees. Whether it’s pursuing advanced certifications, attending workshops, or taking on leadership roles,
Advantex supports its employees’ career aspirations every step of the way.

Success Stories:

The success of Advantex’s apprenticeship programme is best exemplified through the stories of individuals who have
risen through the ranks within the company. Shaun Carlton, Chris Admonson, and Peter Fitzsimmons are just a few
examples of former apprentices who now hold key leadership positions at Advantex.

Shaun Carlton, who started as an apprentice, is now the Qualified Supervisor, overseeing teams and apprentices.
Chris Adamson, another former apprentice, serves as the Project Estimator, leveraging his technical expertise to accurately assess project requirements and budgets.

Peter Fitzsimmons, yet another success story, has climbed the ranks to become one of Advantex’s Project Managers, leading teams to successful project completion.

These success stories not only demonstrate the effectiveness of Advantex’s apprenticeship programme but also
serve as inspiration for current and future apprentices. They highlight the tangible career growth opportunities
available within the company and reinforce Advantex’s commitment to nurturing talent for long-term success.


Advantex’s long-term commitment to its apprenticeship programme reflects its dedication to investing in talent and
fostering a culture of continuous learning and development. By providing structured training, long-term career
pathways, and support for further advancement, Advantex empowers its apprentices to reach their full potential and
contribute to the company’s continued success. As the demand for skilled professionals in the technology sector
grows, Advantex’s apprenticeship programme stands as a beacon of opportunity for aspiring individuals seeking to
kickstart their careers in the industry.