If you are not aware of the Jobs Board, one of CyberNorth’s latest initiatives, then you should be. It’s a great place to find and advertise cyber security jobs for businesses in the North East region. At the time of writing this there are 18 jobs available, showing the wide variety of opportunities that exist in this exciting sector, bringing them together in one place. This is not a bad start considering the Jobs Board was launched at the beginning of the year.

Posting a vacancy is easy, just let us know about it via the link on the Jobs Board page. As long as there is a link to the vacancy somewhere else on the web, your own website for example, then we can share the details. We will need a copy of your logo as well. At some point in the near future it will be possible to post your own vacancies.

The only criteria are that your business must have an office or presence in the North East region and that the job is cyber security related. This can include marketing, sales and training roles as well as the technical ones. It can also include temporary placements as well. The job need not be in the region, this is a global sector after all, there is a tick box to say if the role is hybrid or not.

Our thanks go to UK Cyber Cluster Collaboration in helping us to develop the site.

All of this is free of charge and so take up the offer and get your current vacancies posted now.