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Bringing industry and education together in an attempt to bridge the gap between the theoretical and the practical, the Cyber Ambassador programme is a CyberFirst initiative and designed by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) to inspire and develop the next generation of cyber security talent.

It is a programme of opportunities, which covers a broad range of activities and offers scholarships, bursaries and awards along the way.

It is nation-wide with a network of delivery partners in each region who look to connect schools and companies in a shared interest to encourage and promote careers in cyber security.

CyberFirst Ambassadors Purpose

The idea is that cyber ambassadors will introduce and expose young people to cyber security and its practices to ignite an interest in the sector and hopefully encourage them to explore the possibilities of pursuing a career in cyber security.

The CyberFirst Programme

The programme is intended to inspire students from all different backgrounds to create a diverse talent pool and to show the huge variety of opportunities available to them in the sector, as well as highlighting a career that they may not have otherwise considered.

CyberNorth delivers the Cyber Ambassador initiative on behalf of NCSC’s delivery partner, RTC North, who run the STEM Ambassador programme.

What do Cyber Ambassadors do?

After completing a course to become a STEM and passing a DBS check, you can become a Cyber Ambassador. Where you will be matched with a school and speak to their pupils about your career and pathways into the sector.

You will spend time with the students to introduce them to cyber security practices, why it’s a great profession and how to get into it. 

The aim is to build awareness of cyber security and hopefully spark a curiosity in the subject, especially amongst students who are at schools in more deprived areas. You will be able to support these schools, be part of increasing diversity in the sector and nurturing the cyber security talent pool in the region.

Get Involved!

We are looking for both schools and industry workers to get involved so we can continue to bring current and future workers together and increase the pipeline of talent in the sector!

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