Usually we only like to talk about the strength of cyber security, the positives of protecting your business and how you can go about doing that – whether that’s through connections to other businesses, knowledge sharing or bolstering the support system in the region, but not today!

In honour of Halloween, we’ve collated some scary tales from the world of cyber security and what happens when things go wrong.

Read on if you dare … 

  • 91% of all cyber attacks begin with a phishing email to an expected victim. Deloitte.
  • The cryptomining tool stealing secrets: WIRED.
  • 500 potential attacks clocked every second. True Cybercrime Stories – the new podcast series from BT.
  • New protocol vulnerability will haunt the web for years: WIRED.
  • Hackers who breached casino giants also hit 3 other firms. REUTERS.
  • Okta’s latest security breach is haunted by the ghost of incidents past. WIRED.
  • Call 159 to check if it is your bank calling: BBC.