This week we recorded our eleventh episode of ‘It’s Cyber Up North’. The title says it all as this is a podcast about cyber security right here in the region and beyond. It comes in two flavours, one which covers live issues in the rapidly changing cyber security market, such as LastPass and Capita, while the other looks into deeper issues that affect cyber security in general, such as No code/low code and the Internet of Things. 

Each episode has one or more guest speakers drawn from the wide ranging expertise across the region and, of course, comes with a disclaimer. Especially when talking about breaking issues, we need to be clear that these are opinions based upon our understanding and not purported as facts. Putting that aside, there is always so much to talk about.

Indeed, it seems that as soon as I have put the plan on paper for the next episode, the topics are already out of date. At least that means it can run and I have a forward plan well into September, hopefully with  a live recording at this year’s #CyberFest.

Why should I listen to them? In the first place, podcasts are very easy to engage with. You can listen to them in the car, while you’re gardening, cooking or even in the bath. The opportunities are unlimited. Other than that they are informative and fun. They cover a wide range of topics that give the listener a better understanding of the subject as well as some things to think more deeply about. They encourage us to all take cyber security that bit more seriously by learning from the success, and failures, of others.

If you are in business you can use them to raise the subject with people outside of the teams immediately responsible for cyber security (technical language is kept to a minimum), while if you are in education and learning you can use them to demonstrate the wide scope of the subject to existing and potential students. They can be used to initiate conversations around a topic that can be hard to delve into. You can also listen to them so you know how they work when you come on the podcast yourself – we are always looking for new guests.

Give ‘It’s Cyber Up North’ a go – available from wherever you get your podcasts from.