Introducing the North East Business Resilience Centre and national network

Today, with the advantages that technology gives us in terms of organisation, efficiency and
effectiveness, most businesses are dependent on online technology for managing communication;
storing files and accessing finance.

But with that comes associated risks, including cyber attack and data privacy.

Indeed, in recent years there has been a significant increase in cyber fraud, with statistics reflecting
that small businesses – and particularly the self-employed sole trader or micro business – have found
themselves at greatest risk and without access to relevant cyber support and services.

There is no question that cyber security needs to be a priority for any business regardless of size,
sector, or resources available – but cyber security can be a complicated and complex environment –
so where do you start?

The NEBRC was set up in 2019, the first of a national network, to support small and medium
enterprises in the region, presenting a unique nexus of corporate business, law enforcement and
academia which provides the Centre with exclusive access to the latest information on legislation,
criminal trends, threats and new technology to provide the very best advice to safeguard businesses.

As NEBRC Director and Superintendent Rebecca Chapman, explains: “The NEBRC has a wealth of free
resources to help sole traders and businesses of any size regarding cyber related issues.

“The Centre also works to refer members to ‘Trusted Partners’ who are trusted by the police and the
certifying body IASME, to offer cyber security consultation. And for those that don’t necessarily have
the budgets the Centre also offers ‘ethical hackers’ handpicked from Sheffield Hallam and
Northumbria University, supervised by staff at the Centre, who can assess the company’s needs,
offer solutions and recommendations as well as carry out testing. In addition, staff at the Centre or
the students can come out to companies and provide training and advice.”

Rebecca continues: “We make it our business to speak to our members talking them through their
cyber concerns and offering bespoke solutions – if they want us to actually examine their systems
we can provide really affordable consultancy provided by the Student Services.

“We are proud to also work alongside some of the best cyber agencies and consultants from across
the UK to demystify the jargon, offering access to national intelligence data, free guidance and
practical help to increase online protection and help ensure that cyber safety is a priority for all.”

The NEBRC has recently launched a series of podcasts, talking to some of the leading professionals
within the field to hear about their experiences, insights and guidance for all business owners. To
listen in, visit

For further information on NEBRC membership packages and how the team can help your business

Make sure you and your teams are cyber aware.