NWG Innovation Festival

In Summer 2022, CyberNorth and UKC3 sponsored a series of one day sprints at the Northumbria Water Innovation Festival at Newcastle Racecourse.  On each day those present addressed a challenge by identifying problems in the morning and developing possible solutions in the afternoon. 

The session addressing cyber resilience for business was attended by a wide range of people, some cyber experts, some emergency planning experts, business owners and some cyber attack survivors.  The group identified a number of cyber and business continuity challenges faced by business and then went on to propose content for an introductory guide for businesses new to cyber resilience.  The guide contains a series of non-technical questions that will help create a first Cyber Incident Response Plan. 

Cyber Resilience for Business Managers Flyer

The guide has been published at https://neict.org/isnortheast/cyber-resilience-for-business-managers/ and should also be useful as a checklist for those already familiar with the topic. Feel free to Provide feedback on the draft documents.